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Are you thinking of buying your own home sometime down the line, maybe in 6 months or a year? In the meantime, would you like to get info on houses available on the market for purchase that fit your criteria? Are you interested in a 3 bed/2baths single family house or any other criteria that you want to have in your house?

If so, we can help by providing you info on houses that fit your criteria. The info will be delivered to you via email. You will also get notification if any new houses come on the market that fit the criteria that you specified. The info will have complete information on the houses including pictures, description and price. Best part is, its provided to you at no cost and no obligation.

You can get information on houses for sale on the market that match your criteria. It will be delivered to your email inbox on a weekly basis. The info has pictures, detailed description and price. This will give you a good idea of what’s houses are available for sale on the market. The info is derived from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) so its reliable and it’s the industry standard. You can choose your criteria like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, neighborhood and city. Also you can choose houses that are in a move-in condition or houses that need some work. Most people prefer houses that are in a move-in condition so they don’t have to put in any work. However, that would mean you’ll be paying top dollar. On the other hand, when you look for houses that need some work, you can get the house for a lower price and with less competition. You can then hire your own handyman to fix it up the way you like, and in the process you can save a bundle. At OwnerFinance, we can help you throughout the homebuying process, including putting in the Offer, inspection, appraisal and financing. Our financing comes from a group of regular people who put up the money to purchase the house of your choice, and then owner finance it to you. The people funding the purchase make a profit from the sale price by negotiating a lower price with the owner. You get the house of your choice, the funding people make a little profit and we get our commission for acting as the buyer’s agent. The non-profit Alliance for Home Ownership gets a fee for putting the whole deal together. Everybody wins.

It up to you to customize the info of houses as you want. You can request houses in good condition or houses that need some work. If you are a person who likes to fix up houses, then you can request for houses that need a lot of work. This type of houses are the ones that you can get for the lowest prices.

The emails of houses will come to you from time to time. Any time there’s a new house that comes on the market that fits your criteria, the info will sent to you. You can cancel anytime should you feel you have enough info. The info is for houses for sale in MA and RI only.

Interested to get the info on houses? Just give us a call and let us know the type of houses you like to get info on and your email address, and we’ll set you up to receive the emails.

Questions? We Love Questions!

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