Most-Wanted House Features that Homebuyers Look For in 2022

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When you are out shopping for a house, naturally you would have 4-5 items in your head that your house must have. For some people, it can be a spacious master bedroom or living room, for others it can be a nice kitchen with new appliances.

Here is the list of top features we found that most homebuyers look for when buying their house this year. Check to see if your list matches what most people wants in their houses.

An updated kitchen and bathrooms are the top-most-wanted features that homebuyers want in a house in 2022. According to a recent survey conducted by Metropolitan Regional Information Systems Inc., 81% of respondents recognized updated kitchens and bathrooms as the most important feature when considering whether or not to purchase a home. Another most-wanted feature that homebuyers want is open floor plans. The whole idea of moving into a first home is to upgrade from the previous living arrangements, where there was lack of space to more spacious living space. We would recommend eliminating any walls that separate the kitchen from the living room. Another feature that is wanted is having a separate laundry room. As Master Kitchens & Bathrooms points out, you’ll need somewhere to store your washing machine and dryer. Without a dedicated laundry room, you’ll have your clothes usually end up in the kitchen or the bathroom. A room made specifically for laundry machines can free up plenty of space you can use for other purposes. Another most-wanted feature is hardwood floors, as they are much easier to clean than carpets. They require simple maintenance such as sweeping and mopping every few days. Carpets need a more in-depth cleaning as dirt and allergens can get trapped in the fibers which can be problem for people with allergies. Another most-wanted feature is Energy Star appliances as buyers will save money in utility bills and maintenance over time. Another most-wanted feature is connectivity. Nearly a quarter of all first-time buyers place a priority on homes with strong cell phone service and Internet/Wifi connectivity. Looking to buy your home but having difficulty qualifying for home financing due to credit problems, low or no down payment, self-employed or residency issues. OwnerFinance can help. Contact us.

Homebuyers favor properties that require little to no maintenance. Since most homebuyers have already spent most of their savings on the down payment and monthly payments, they find it hard to spend more money to maintain the house they just bought. So buying a house with new appliances that will not need attention for quite some time is a good thing for them.

Today’s buyers are more interested in the amount of money they will save on energy bills over the course of them living in the home. Insulated properly, a home can save owners a lot on their energy bills. According to Energy Star, “homeowners can save an average of 15% on heating and cooling costs by air sealing their homes and adding insulation in attics, floors over crawl spaces, and accessible basement rim joists.”

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