Tired of Tenants and Toilets? Sell It with OwnerFinance

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When you own a multi-family house and become a landlord, it may sound exciting in the beginning. But after a few years of running the business, it can seem like you’re dealing with more headaches that you want. Tenants not paying the rent, getting calls in the middle of the night with complaints that the toilet is jammed, and worried about the boiler that has broken down, etc.

Instead of continuing with pain of dealing with tenants and toilets, you can unload the problem and get relief. We can help you sell your investment property with OwnerFinance. By doing so, you can get top dollar for your property if you can accept monthly payments for some period of time. You don’t have to deal with the problem any longer. In exchange you get a substantial downpayment plus monthly payments for some time without any worries of managing the property.

Why continue the pain of dealing with tenants and toilets? If you have an investment property that you are struggling with, we have a better option for you. Don’t sell it for cash, you’ll be hit with large capital gains taxes that will eat away your profits. Sell it with OwnerFinance. When you sell a property that has appreciated significantly in value, it could require you to pay a large amount of capital gains taxes. However, when you sell with OwnerFinance, it allows you to realize the gain over several years. Instead of paying taxes on the capital gains all in that first year, you pay a much smaller amount as you receive the income. This allows you to spread out the tax hit over many years. When you use OwnerFinance, you become the beneficiary, not the owner. As the note holder, you will never receive a phone call from tenants, or have to worry about replacing the roof. It eliminates all management issues, because you have occupants with an ownership mentality. They’ll take much better care of the property. You just collect the monthly check without hassle. You also don’t pay any more property taxes or insurance. In fact, there is no more expenses related to the property that you have to worry about. By selling your property with OwnerFinance, you open up a large pool of buyers who wouldn’t qualify for conventional financing. Not only do you get a large number of prospective buyers for your property, you also get top dollar for it. You receive a sizeable down payment and you sit back and collect your monthly payments. You may ask, “what if the buyer stops paying?” Nothing to get stressed out about. You actually get to keep all the payments you received so far and you get the property back. Any questions on selling your investment property with OwnerFinance? Give us a call and we can explain the numerous benefits of selling your property in this beneficial way.

Additional Benefits of Selling with OwnerFinance

Sell faster: Potential to sell and close faster, since buyers avoid the conventional mortgage process.

Can sell “as-is”: Potential to sell without making costly repairs that conventional lenders might require.

A good investment: Potential to earn better rates on the money that you raised from selling your home than you would from investing the money elsewhere.

Lump-sum option: The promissory note can be sold to an investor, providing a lump-sum payment right away.

If buyer defaults: If the buyer doesn’t pay his monthly payments as agreed, then you keep the down payment, any money that was paid—and the house.


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