We Can Build $100,000 in 0% Business Credit for You

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Looking for low cost capital to expand your business? Or needing capital for a new business? Or needing money for any purpose? But don’t want to embarrass yourself by begging your friends and family, and don’t want to spoil your relationships with people who are near and dear to you?

Business credit may be answer you are looking for. Unlike personal credit that you may get only a few thousands of dollars, with business credit you can get 3-4 times of the amount you get on personal credit. We specialize in building business credit at 0%. And we now have ways and means to build for you business credit of $100,000 at 0%.

Unlike a regular loan which gives you a lump sum of cash which you have pay back at a certain time, business credit allows you to use and reuse the funds as you need them. This gives you control over how much money you take and when you take it. As you make the payments, you get access to those funds back. The ability to continually access funds enables greater control over your business’s finances. Also, with business credit, you are pretty much free to use money as you see fit. It provides you the flexibility to put your cash where it is most needed, when it is most needed. With our business credit, you don’t have to show any financial documents such as sales figures, profit and loss statements or tax returns. We build for you no-doc unsecured business credit to $100,000. Unsecured means you don’t need to put up collateral. Our business credit comes in the form of business credit cards. They also come with check writing capability. If you need to pay by cash, you can write a check for them. The 0% can range from the first 8 to 18 months. Different cards will have different durations for the 0%. After that period, regular rates kick in. So better to use the funds during the 0% period. There are some conditions in order to qualify for our business credit. You must have excellent personal credit. Your credit scores must be above 700 at all 3 credit bureaus. If your personal credit is not great, not to worry, we can help fix your credit and raise your scores. You also must have a registered business entity (C Corp, S Corp or LLC) with the state and must have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) issued by IRS. If you don’t have that, we can help you to set that up too. We are a full service 0% business credit builder who can assist you in all aspects of building your business credit to $100,000 or more.

About Our 0% Business Credit Builder

Our fee to get you $100,000 at 0% is $8,800. You would need to pay half the amount upfront which is $4,400. When that is paid and the application form is filled, we will get to setting your credit profile. This includes getting your DUNS number, and setting up your website, getting a business phone and business email (if you do not have them yet). When all this is set up right, we’ll start applying for business credit on your behalf. We will keep applying until we have built your business credit to $100,000. When that is done, you are required to make the final payment of $4,400. You can make the initial payments to us by credit card, and you can make the final payment with the business credit cards that we have built for you.  

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