Why You Need to Make Sure Your Credit Report is Looking Good?

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Its to your advantage to make sure your credit report is looking good at all times. You need to pull your credit report every few months to ensure that no bad accounts have crept up on your credit report. Bad accounts can be in the form of late payments, charge-offs and collections. These accounts will have a drastic effect on your credit report and will plummet down your credit score.

Unfortunately, these bad accounts can show up in your credit report without any prior notice to you. The creditors will just put these negative accounts on your credit report due to them not getting the money you owe them. Its your responsibility to know what’s being reported on your credit report at all times, and its also your responsibility to take steps to correct them.

Did you know that there is a high possibility that there are errors in your credit report. These errors make you look bad to creditors whom you may want to get financing from. In 2013, the Federal Trade Commission found that one in four reports contains some kind of error. Even worse, one in five reports has an error that would affect a consumer’s credit score. And one in twenty has an error that would drag down your score by 25 points or more. You can boost your credit score if you repair your credit. Credit repair is a legitimate service that’s protected under federal law. You have a right to repair your credit and there’s plenty of good reasons to do so. Getting your credit right is a big part of becoming qualified for a shariah based Islamic home financing or for OwnerFinance. Better credit means lower rates. Charges on financing add up to tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the average loan. Just half a percentage point difference in the financing rates means big money paid out of your pocket. The rates you can qualify for are directly tied to your credit score. If you credit score is low, Islamic home financing companies can even reject your application for financing. And they will not deal with you until your credit report is improved. So its vitally important to review and fix your credit report before applying to Islamic home financing. You can also negotiate lower rates on your credit cards. If you repair your credit within the next 4-6 months (that’s usually how long credit repair takes) then you can call your credit card companies to ask for rate reductions. The key to making that happen is a good credit score and error-free credit report. Property rentals will also be easier when you have good credit.. When you want to rent an apartment, the property owner will run a credit check. Bad credit means you can get rejected if you try to rent an apartment. Even renting a car can be problematic if your credit report is not good. So taking steps to improve your credit is one of the most beneficial things you can do towards the betterment of your financial life. We offer credit improvement services that can help your credit report to start looking good.

Credit Improvement Services to Raise Your Credit Scores

If your credit report needs improvement, we can help you. Our expertise include removing errors and working with creditors for debt settlement. All these steps can help to raise your credit score and get you qualified for financing. The first step is to pull your trimerge credit report and do a review on it and tell you what is helping your credit report and what is negatively affecting your credit report. After we pinpoint the negative accounts, we will formulate a plan to improve your credit report and raise your credit scores. Normally, it takes about 6 months to improve your credit report so you have to allow time and be patient. After improving your credit report, if you need funding for your business, we can help you get 0% funding for $100,000. For more information on credit improvement or getting 0% funding, feel free to contact us.

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